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Heinde Alkmaar

Noorderkade 146

1823 CJ Alkmaar

072-7440193 Alkmaar@heinde.nl View and book

Heinde Almelo

Haven Noordzijde 19

7607 ER Almelo

0546-740003 Almelo@heinde.nl View and book

Heinde Delft

Zocherweg 9

2613 ZT Delft

085-0200196 Delft@heinde.nl View and book

Heinde Den Bosch

Orthenseweg 60

5212 XC 's-Hertogenbosch

073-6133533 's-Hertogenbosch@heinde.nl View and book

Heinde Leerdam

Stationsweg 2

4141 HB Leerdam

034-5622209 Leerdam@heinde.nl View and book

Heinde Leusden

Doornseweg 18

3832 RL Leusden

033-2583596 Leusden@heinde.nl View and book

Heinde Naaldwijk

Dijkweg 3

2671 GA Naaldwijk

0174-266914 Naaldwijk@heinde.nl View and book

Heinde Noordwijkerhout

Herenweg 78

2211 CD Noordwijkerhout

0252-703484 Noordwijkerhout@heinde.nl View and book

Heinde Oisterwijk

Moergestelseweg 123

5062 SP Oisterwijk

013-7370105 Oisterwijk@heinde.nl View and book

Heinde Rotterdam

Vijf Werelddelen 85

3071 PS Rotterdam

010 303 72 76 Rotterdam@heinde.nl Open now! View and book

Heinde Woerden

Houttuinlaan 1B

3447 GM Woerden

0348-447856 Woerden@heinde.nl View and book

Heinde Veenendaal

J.G. Sandbrinkstraat 6

3901 EZ Veenendaal

Veenendaal@heinde.nl Opening soon! View and book

Heinde Zoetermeer

Dorpsstraat 97p

2712 AE Zoetermeer

Zoetermeer@heinde.nl Opening soon! View and book
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With various locations in the Netherlands, Heinde is a proven success. And we continue to grow. Do you love the horeca sector and would you like to start a business? Then start your own Heinde with us.

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The place to enjoy nice food and share dishes together, seven evenings a week. In a relaxed atmosphere where your chair is always in the right place, your glass is never empty and the menu seems endless. Because here everything is unlimited, even time. So relax and we will provide you with a carefree evening out.